Jorinde Buck
Staatlich geprüfte Übersetzerin Deutsch/Englisch (BDÜ)
Dipl. Agraringenieurin


Your horse is a weaver? What an interesting hobby for a horse…

When horse people are having a chat about their favourite topic, even their fellow countrymen often have troubles understanding what it is all about. The same is often true for the agricultural sector. That is why you need specialist translators who not only know the technical vocabulary, but the industry as well. They are capable of providing the texts with the necessary authenticity

Languages: I offer written translations from English into German (my native language) and, depending on the subject, kind of text and its purpose, from German into English. If possible, translations into English are proof-read by a native speaker of English. If you require translations from or into other languages or need an interpreter, I will try and help you find a matching colleague within my professional network.

Fields of expertise: My thematic priority is given to anything related to horses, and animal husbandry.This includes: equestrian sports and training, tack and equipment, hippology, husbandry, feeding, health and breeding of horses and other species. In addition, further fields of activity include agricultural economics, grassland management, horticulture, veterinary medicine, ecology and nature conservation as well as sustainable agriculture

Text types: (Almost) anything that might come up, for example horse descriptions, breeding documents, websites, articles, press releases, books, brochures, flyers, product descriptions, trade fair documents, catalogues, correspondence, data sheets, handbooks …

Enquiry and procedure: Please send me your text via email, mail or – on request – fax. Processable files such as word documents are ideal for processing; other formats will be accepted, however, they often require more time and effort. Important information needed for drawing up a quote include the total volume of the text to be translated, the date of delivery and, if possible, the intended purpose and target group of the translation. I will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. For calculating the price of the translation, the level of difficulty, the necessary research effort and the urgency of the deadline will be taken into consideration (urgent orders might require a surcharge). Prices are calculated on the basis of standard lines (55 characters = 1 standard line) or the number of words. Some text types might necessitate an hourly rate, for example short texts which require a lot of research (e.g. power point presentations). Please get in touch and we will find a consensual solution.